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Military boots can be found around the world, standing up to a variety of environments and conditions to keep the wearers` feet protected and safe. Just like other types of shoes, there are different colours, brands and sizes available and each person selects just the right pair for the task at hand. One of the main ways that military boots set themselves apart from other rugged footwear are the safety features. They need to have certain characteristics that add durability and protection. 

Steel toes are just one example of the added safety features of military boots. The steel protects the toes and ensures that despite the weight placed on the foot or the speed at which the top of the boot comes into contact with something hard, the toes are not going to be affected negatively. There are also non-metal options for securing the toes at the front of the boot. 

Military boots can also be insulated to add an extra level of protection from freezing temperatures and waterproofed to make walking in even the moistest and muddiest terrain comfortable. Military boots also have a standard height of 8" which helps to support the leg and ankle while a person is in motion. In addition to all of these safety features, the boots are also made to be comfortable as they are going to be worn for an extended amount of time. These shoes need to make it easier to spend time in the `Great Outdoors.` 

But these shoes aren`t just useful in a military or combat setting. There are a variety of different uses for this footwear that have practical application in the civilian world. Individuals that spend time outside pursuing different hobbies can also benefit from military boots. For example, individuals interested in hiking often look to military boots to provide protection as they make their way through difficult and sometimes wet or dangerous terrain. 

Hunters and fishing enthusiasts also benefit from purchasing military boots. Because of the unique environment that these activities take place in, the military boots provide protection and durability that cannot be found in other styles. Their wearers can spend hours out in the middle of the woods waiting on their prey or lots of time in or near the water without needing to worry about the condition of their feet. 

Military boots are not the only type of footwear found in a person`s closet. While there is a real difference between buying something like DC shoes and military boots, it is important for a person to have the right shoes for the task at hand. For example, a pair of comfortable tennis shoes is perfect for kicking back on the weekends. On the other hand, when the time comes to head out into the wilderness, the safety features offered by military boots are a must. Different shoes serve different purposes.